Petar Dundov - 'The Lattice' (Inc. Frank Wiedemann Remix)

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Croatia’s esteemed DJ/producer Petar Dundov is set to release his brand new single entitled ‘The Lattice’, featuring a stunning remix from Frank Wiedemann (Âme and Howling), via Belgium’s Music Man Records.

‘The Lattice’ is the first single taken from Dundov’s recently acclaimed fifth album ‘At The Turn of Equilibrium’ and delivers an enchanting 10-minute hypnotic journey full of captivating intertwined melodies accompanied by smooth slow-burning beats.  
The idea for ‘The Lattice’ came into existence when I played a simple downward chord progression while experimenting with different rising and falling melodic patterns. This phenomenon – where harmony is reinforcing melody and vice versa – gave me the idea for the song title,” says Dundov.
Alongside the pioneering Croatian’s original, Germany’s Âme and Howling famed DJ/producer Frank Wiedemann steps up to take care of remix duties, adding his own unique style to deliver a fascinating club-ready framework that complements the original’s lush melodies brilliantly.
‘The Lattice’ is out June 17th and ’At The Turn of Equilibrium’ is out now - both available via Music Man Records.