Josip Klobucar – Bad Taste

Wednesday, 07 December 2016

Bad Taste is beatmaker extraordinaire Josip Klobučar’s radical stylistic shift into psychedelia, towards murkier, weirder and skewed sides of beats.

With a mighty, estranged and saturated ambience. And admirable dynamics. The material that dreams are made of, well, at least how Edgar Allan Poe would write about them. The range of influence is vast, with nods to folk, world music, psych and obviously hiphop. Because of Josip’s unique approach to arranging, maniacal layering and details all these genre tags don’t really mean much though. Bad Taste is another precisely and thickly kneaded music delivery from the Zagreb native.


Josip Klobučar is a veteran and pioneer of the tiny Zagreb beats scene. He has released music for 4lux, Eklektik Records and Svetlana Industries. He has worked on various projects and collaborated with artists such as Teebs & Jackhigh, Yoggione, Fulgeance, Yannah Valdevit … He’s also known for his carefully crafted, elaborate and lucid live acts.

Released on 12″ vinyl and available via various digital platforms.