May the Zagreb party weekend commence!

Friday, 15 January 2016

And commence it shall our dear friend. We can feel you fidgeting in your chair with the anticipations of long nights and happy mornings which lie ahead.

So hold on to your hat and if your adventure hungry spirit happens to lead you to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb has some juicy electronic fruit to give.
On this Friday evening of Jan 15th Funk Club welcomes dancers with the Homeboy X Funk event. We start at 10 PM and end when your thighs refuse you the control to go on any longer.
One of the newer clubs in the area launches you off the planet. The Moon club sets you high up among the stars with Lokka pres. Andrea Ljekaj, who will be joined by Marta and Sasskia, while the AKC Medika sends out an open call for all of those who want to blow out the candles of one decade of the club program Pistolero.

DEPO club is firmly rooted in tradition with its Tech D House where the deck usurpation is under the command of Matya, Senno, Sin and Krema. At the same time Cadenza club is dancing to the Yebben ( It’s a paraphrase of a Croatian swear word closely related to F***) Beat with Leon B & Marijan Babicz at the helm. And sweet sweet Sirup is dancing to "Živa Muzika" with Lake Haze (P), FM, Strahinja Arbutina and Lucija.

And behold! It is Saturday and blessed be those who dance!
Sirup is in the action once again with #Casa Tea Time with Yesh, Jan Kinčl Zero, Pips, and just one hint - if your name is Tea you get in free.

At DEPO club we are orbiting around the core with the new Elektron under the leadership of Veztax (SLO), Zoky, Teo Harouda and Teychee.
Cadenza, on the other hand, is involved into Frankenstein like experiment of revivals, but we are not raising the dead back to life. That which is going to be revived is the frequency with our two fresh electronic sprouts Slicer & Dic3r.

And finally one of the oldest and most well respected clubs of Zagreb, with history as long as the list of things you don't care about at the weekend, is Aquarius. We are intertwining our affections on the Synergy party with Alen Milivojevic, Fabian Jakopetz, Iva K. and Frenki.

A place for all and all in its place! Grab your Zagreb weekend by the gonads and let's set it on fire!