Ilija Rudman Mixtape

Sunday, 06 September 2015

Ever since he first fell in love with synths at an early age, Ilija Rudman has been building a studio in Croatia that is the envy of many producers across the world.

Bringing together his love of music with a pure analogue sound - he resolutely rejects, without any compromise, new software in favour of vintage equipment - and an instinctive and idiosyncratic tenderness, he has been a present force on the underground scene for the past decade, in terms of both production and as a clever and eclectic DJ.

His discography runs deep, with more than 40 EP's released around the globe on various labels, such as: Rong Music, Bear Funk Entertainment, Infant/2020 Vision Recordings, Compost , Red-Music , Bombay Records, Deep Freeze Recordings, Electric Minds Records, Hector Works, Love Is War Music, Under The Shade , ISM Records UK , Instruments Of Rapture , Wolf Music Recordings .