Electronic Music Festivals in South Dalmatia

Monday, 22 June 2015

As for the festivals themselves, as an institution in the past they served a purpose of strengthening the bonds among the community in the era before mass media. That time has passed but the need to be a part of something bigger than yourself alone, a part of community, is still very much alive.

And finally we are off to the most southern festivals you will have a joy from choosing from. First you can stop Korkyralis at Korčula which is an amazing two week long relaxing festival experience where you can chill on the farms and yachts nearby and dance your heart out with Tube & Berger, Tiefschwarz,  Subb-an and Noir from Aug 2nd – Aug 16th, and maybe in the meantime slide to Velika Duba Bay near Živogošće. For all of those who cannot help but dance under the stars in the untouched nature we present the Adriatic Perception festival on Aug 14th and 15th when we will be joined by Silicone Soul and Ramon Tapia.

Dubrovnik Electronic Festival with Marco Bailey, DJs From Mars and Fedde Le Grand in Revelin from 12th to 15th Aug.

Dance, love, enjoy and live!