Ludvig & Stelar - Trivium

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Trivium is the third and final album in the original Ludvig & Stelar trilogy.

Written and produced by Damir Ludvig, the album pushes the limits of the previous trilogy parts Relax and Beyond Second Thoughts. Trivium is the Latin word for crossroads or a point where three roads meet which is exactly what’s happening with the sound on this album. One road keeps their basic lounge sound as Ludvig & Stelar started with releases on Café del Mar, one road goes into dance music and one road takes it to a direction of soundtrack music. The album was mixed and mastered by Aleksandar Jovanovic Everbeatz, and the vocals were recorded by Goran „Stelar“ Stetic, Hrvoje Golubic and Dalibor Platenik. The visual identity of Trivium was designed by Kresimir Kresic at WNN Graphic & Motion Design Studio Werbeagentur in Vienna, Austria.

ZEN 012 Ludvig & Stelar TRIVIUM
01 Clair De Lune
02 Balearic
03 Free
04 I know What I Want
05 Shout
06 Sci-Fi
07 1987
08 Living Your Love
09 In The Mood
10 Waltz
11 Daylights
12 Disappear