Saytek: I am looking forward to hearing what the local talent has to offer!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

From Ibiza Space, through fabric and Tresor, all the way to the residency with Zoo Project, Saytek has distinguished himself as one of the globally most sought for live acts.

Nominated Best Live act by DJ MAG and the owner of Mixmag Album of the Month award in 2013 keeps going and this year Trogir is proud to welcome the magic hands behind the decks of Moondance festival.

1. You are very well known for your live shows which you built from scratch using all sorts of hardware. What is different for you as an artist when you play a live show or a DJ set? Which is more exciting to you?
Well , believe it or not I have never DJ'ed , I have been performing live for over 12 years now. But it's DJs that give me my inspiration. I believe a good DJ should be able to take a crowd on a musical journey with many emotions, moments of excitement, tension, times where your eyes are shut and your lost in the music, darker more challenging sections and spine tingling melodies. This is what I strive for in my live sets, this is my ultimate goal to create a musical story live and it’s something I always try and work towards.
2. Has it ever happened that the improvised tune you built in front of the audience just didn't work? 
Nowadays I am lucky I play to audiences who appreciate underground music who know that I am a live act and so it's not much of a problem.  I generally get a very nice response. But in the past I have been put in front of crowds who want something more commercial and I am never going to be able to please someone who is asking me for a David Guetta track! 

3. What was your background, what genre got you hooked to electronic music? How did it all start?
For me ambient was my first love I discovered this myself early FSOL and Aphex Twin stuff like that, I was a geeky kid who loved music technology, but it's when my mates older brother lent me cassettes with UK Rave , Acid house and early Detroit techno that I got really hooked on the dance-floor side of things. I was 13, much too young to get into a rave, but loved this music. It was so fresh and different.
4. What was the scene like in the UK when you were starting and what has changed since then?
I think it's basically the same. I missed the early rave days, as I was too young, so when I got into it there where already super clubs and superstar DJs. I mean, I was involved heavily in the illegal party scene, but that was very far removed from the club scene by then. I have seen house and techno become much more popular again recently, for a while it dipped in popularity. But for as long as I remember the scene for me has been about the music and people who love the music, there are a lot of idiots on the scene who do it for the wrong reasons, but I try and avoid them and work with people who have the same passion as me ... 

5. What, in your opinion, is the track that changed the course for you? What are the plans for the future?
It was never one track, it was the wealth of amazing electronic music from the late 80's and the 90's. For me the 90's where a very creative era, so much beauty and innovation by so many ground breaking artists. The blue print for everything we do now was written in those times. My personal future is just to keep on doing what I do, making music to the best of my abilities, trying to follow my feelings and not be too distracted with what's in fashion or other people's opinions! 
6. Where do you find the inspiration? Does it come from other artist's work or can it be anything? What other genres do you listen to besides electronics?
Inspiration comes from many places. I have always listened to a lot of music outside electronic, 60's  psychedelic rock,  jazz, dub, I love Bob Marley, Dylan and I really enjoy classical. I also get a lot of influence from when I am touring, I always hear fresh cutting edge music through some amazing sound systems. But really the inspiration comes during the writing process, it just happens and I get a buzz of a sound I have created or a beat then I am in the zone. 

7. What are you preparing for the Trogir Moondance festival? Who do you look forward to hearing from your colleagues? 
I am looking forward to hearing everyone on the line up. Such inspirational talent. I am honored to be headlining alongside such great acts. But also I am really looking forward to hearing what the local talent has to offer! 
8. Wild Card question: If you had a chance to bring one musician back from the dead who would it be?
Honestly none! I think a lot of legends died young so stopped making music in the peak of their careers.  I think, although very sad for them and their families,  I think if say John Lennon , Bob Marley or Jimi Hendrix where still around they wouldn't have the mystic that surrounds them today.