Miss Soulfly @ Sonus Festival 2015

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Miss Soulfly is fresh blood of electronic music scene, always playing from the heart with the tendency to spread all over you and into you with a mission to leave you with a full heart before going home.

With her unique style and charisma she instantly won the floor and gained a lot of interest. Her capacity for understanding the music, its layers and a natural ability to entertain, care and connect is the reason people never forget and always want more. It's a complete and perfect symbiosis between a dj and a crowd, needed for a full heart and the first and most important reason why she does it. Her status as a successful female dj combined with her professionalism and hard work has gained her respect with her dj colleagues and more important the dancing crowd who appreciate her sincerity, openness and the fact that she's simple and approachable, loving what she does.

Listen or download her latest mix from Sonus 2015 on Zrce Beach!