David Morales: Working with Frankie was one of the best moments and influences in my life

Friday, 17 July 2015

In 1961 a kid screamed for the first time in Brooklyn, NY and so many years later he makes others scream until the Sun rises above the horizon!!

David Morales is one of the most well-known remixing artists today, a Grammy winner and one of the first DJs to go truly global. For the 15th year in the row we will be welcoming the dawn with Mr. Morales behind the decks at Aurora Primošten on Aug 1st. Until then we are giving the word to David himself. Enjoy the interview!

1. How have the Loft and the Paradise Garage at the very beginnings influence you? Do you see echoes of those times in your set choices now?
Both the Loft and The Paradise Garage had a big influence on me. I learned a lot from both David Mancuso and Larry Levan.
The way that I play music is a reflection of those days. We're talking 4 decades of DJing now.
2. How was it working with Frankie Knuckles?
Working with Frankie was one of the best moments and influences in my life. We made magic together both in and out of the studio.
Together we created an amazing brand DEF MIX.

3. What is it about remixing that you do so well which puts you to the top? How do you go about remixing the track at hand?
It helps a lot that I'm a DJ to know what works on a dance floor. Remixing has changed a lot over the years. At one time you remixed the original tracks. Then we started to add music to the original production and then I started to have the singer resign the song for the remix. And now you we're rewriting the song. I've remixed many hits for other producers where they made a lot of money and I just got paid a flat fee. Before I accept a remix I have to like the song first and feel that I can take the song to another level.
4. What are you going to prepare for the audiences in Aurora on Aug 1st, and do you prepare your sets in advance?
I never prepare my sets in advance and maybe that's a bad or a good thing. I like to just go with the moment. Of course I will be playing some of my new productions as well as some of my Aurora classics from over the years.
5. Wild card question: Would you change anything in your journey so far?
My journey isn't over yet.......But so far why would I want to change anything? That's what life is all about, no?