Jamie Anderson: Be yourself, believe in yourself and always show..

Wednesday, 08 April 2015

There are few electronic music lovers that haven’t already heard Jamie Anderson’s work.

He has proved himself as a long-term force to be reckoned within the dance music scene, not only through his own broad spectrum of production talents across the colours of House music but also from his exceptionally high quality DJ and live performances around the globe.

1. You are a renowned artist that has proved his talent over and over again in multiple genres. Although you are most well-known by your tech house work, you have started your path jamming with jazz musicians. Tell us how it all began? How did music become the focal point of your life?

- I first started music lessons as a kid when I lived in West London. Jazz musician Dave Defries was a family friend and he showed me the basics of piano and drums, I then took up the Cello for a couple of years. After moving to Bristol in 1986 I began training in Jazz improvisation and music theory with Dave Buxton. I then played keyboard in a couple of bands and produced Trip-hop before going fully electronic in the early '90s. Music was always there throughout my life.

2. What was the scene like in the early 90's? Were things in the industry very different and if so what changes have you witnessed?

- Things were a lot different then, it was fresh and exciting as there was so many new avenues to discover musically. The way music is delivered has changed dramatically for better or for worse but still there are many things that haven't changed. Essentially it's all basically the same with some new technology thrown in and different obstacles to have to navigate.

3. You are running a few labels also. How do they differ from one another?

- I started Artform in 1997, this puts out Techno and Tech-house. The sub-label Arthouse began a couple of years ago with a deeper Tech-House output. I also run Outland Records with Jerome Krom in Amsterdam, this has been going since 1991 and mainly releases Tech-House from Dutch artists.

4. Are your sets thoroughly planned in advance or do you just go with the flow of the room, and what do the people on the O'Hara floor on Apr 3rd have to look forward to?

- I never plan my sets I just go with the flow. I prepare my sets by making sure I have the best tracks I can find - I'll be playing some exclusive mixes and new edits along with tried and tested dancefloor bombs!

5. What are the plans for the future and is there anyone you extremely respect and haven't had the chance to collaborate with yet?

- My future plans are to produce more solo material, I've worked on a lot of collaborations over recent years and I'm looking forward to locking myself in the studio and creating something new.

6. Wild Card question: What's the most important thing life has taught you so far?

- Be yourself, believe in yourself and always show respect and love to those around you.