Interview: Enzo Siragusa

Wednesday, 07 January 2015

Enzo Siragusa is something of an institution in the London nightlife scene. Having played records at the city’s finest clubs for over a decade, in 2008 he saw the time right to launch his own event and brand: FUSE.

Initially taking place at East London's infamous 93 Feet East, the weekly Sunday party then moved on to Shoreditch hotspot Village Underground. Fuse quickly built up an intensely loyal following, evolving its own unique sound which has inspired a new generation of producers worldwide.'

1.       Can you remember the first time you decided that music is going to be your life and what propelled you into this direction?

It was definitely my first rave in the early 90's. I used some fake ID to get in, I was nearly 16 years old. The experience changed my life and I've been in love with electronic music and club culture ever since.

2.       Did you have an idea of your specific sound from the beginning or was it something that evolved through time and who influenced your style and music choices?

It's all about the evolution, your experiences and culture influence you, and that's what makes your sound. It always changes. I was massively influenced by drum and bass artists like LTJ Bukem and Adam F in the 90s. In those days one week you would go to a d&b rave, then the next week you would be listening to MAW at Ministry or Sasha & Digweed at Renaissance, raving was raving. Ibiza also had a huge impact on me and my sound the last 15 years.

3.       Who do you admire at the scene today and why, and is there someone you are eager to collaborate with?

There are too many artists to list, I admire anyone who is committed to their music or the scene. I have recently done collaborations with Livio & Roby, Guti, Julian Perez, tINI & Alexkid which have been great. I am have been inspired by working with them all, however I have learned a lot from Alexkid, he's a genius in the studio. I am looking forward to doing more with my Fuse artists: Antony Difrancesco, Dan Farserelli, Seb Zito and Rich NxT are real talents I want work with more. These guys are really influencing my sound at the moment.

4.       You launched FUSE in 2008., which eventually grew into a huge event and brand, followed by two labels (FUSE and Infuse). Did you have any idea that this project would evolve into such a vast and meaningful story?

We never knew what it was going to be, we had no idea. It was just an afterparty in the beginning. We were all making music for the party and that's where the sound and labels were born from. With time it has evolved naturally.

5.       What is so special about the dub-house sound that FUSE produces? What made it stand out and captivate the audience in the way it did?

The dubby stripped back sound we had was made for a Sunday daytime party. When we first made it there wasn't anyone else making that sound really so that's why maybe it stood out when we started. I think our music has a certain kind of character that you only get in London or from living and raving there. There's a lot of bass in it, that normally gets people's attention.

6.       What do you expect from BPM? Do you prefer the intimate atmosphere of a small club or larger venues such as this?

I'm expecting to have a LOT of fun! I really enjoyed BPM when I was last there. I'm playing tINI & The Gang on the beach which I think is a smaller venue. I'm happy playing any size event, as a DJ you adapt to the club, space, type of party. That's the fun of it!

7.       Wild Card Question: What is the most important thing you’ve learnt in life so far?

Enjoy it. Life can sometimes be like climbing a mountain, sometimes you just need to stop and take in the view.