Nominees the Ambassador - Croatian Electronic Music Awards 2018

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

It is with extreme pleasure of electronic scene participants, after a long period of waiting and planning, that two years ago we finally saw the inaugural edition of the Ambassador Awards.

As first of its kind within the Croatian music milieu, it honors the musicians of the local electronic scene for accomplishments within our borders and on an international market for the period of the year passed. We firmly support the stance where the community this concrete genre of music is made for, as an expression of a collective aesthetics, has equal say in the matter so AMBASSADOR is specifically designed as an award of the peers and audience alike. It its two previous editions, starting in 2016, AMBASSADOR devoted its time, resources and energy to enticing fresh new projects, programs and authors, serving as a platform and taking care of the creative minds of the scene. Through its versatile categories it honors the best festivals, clubs, artists and party destinations which further fertilize Croatia's tourism income.

We are immensely proud of the huge response and support of the profession and that the award was, as a worthy contribution to the cause, instantly recognized by the group of artist and promotors it was designed for. The official award ceremony of the previous two editions already gathered around 300 guests from the industry. One of the key AMBASSADOR messages is connecting the disparate elements of the genre and achieving greater unity under the same superimposed goal. The project is also supported by the highest institutions of the state and local music industry, opening the gates for electronic music to be recognized, more alive and a more vital segment of Croatian culture. The support was extended by President of Republic Croatia, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the city of Zagreb and HDS-ZAMP, opening the possibilities that a project with such a strong institutional backing could become the official representative of the Croatian electronic scene within the large European culture capitals.

The media coverage was multiple and nationwide - HRT (Dnevnik, Vijesti iz kulture, Zagreba─Źka panorama, Dobar dan Hrvatska), HRT 4 (TV Student); specialized web portals, radio stations (Radio 101, Otvoreni, HR 2. program, Yammat FM), and press (Jutarnji List, Slobodna Dalmacija, Nacional, Novi List), while all the winners also shared the news through their social media channels, resulting in a cumulative social funnel of over 30 million impressions.

The long term goal of AMBASSADOR in Croatia is to develop into a multi-day local, regional and then international music conference with an affirmative effect on the local artist, and to serve as an organizational bridge connecting them to the global musicians. The secondary benefit also regards the economy, as the award ceremony and its orbiting events would raise the number of tourist visits and stays in Croatia during the autumn slower period, generating greater income from tourist staying in their destination a few days.

This fall comes with the realization of one of the larger project goals and dreams we have for our local artists - to seep into the larger global music conglomerates withe their quality and skill. In September 2018 AMBASSADOR with the delegacy of 18 Croatian artists to the international music conference Paris Electronic Week between September 26th and 29th 2018 celebrating the 20 years of Techno Parade.

List of all Nominees for Ambassador Awards 2018

The third edition of Ambassador Awards will be on Thu 22nd of Nov in KUC Travno (Zagreb).