The bustling sound of an electronic Zagreb weekend!

Friday, 22 January 2016

And yet another Zagreb weekend is roaring, tumbling underneath the surface of the mundane.

With your soul tingling and your hart mesmerized by the endless possibilities of dark floors, we invite you to lend us your eyes for another one of the "Who, what, where and what?" of Zagreb.

On the eve of Friday Jan 22nd we are dancing at the Funk club on the rolled up and juicy Burek event led by our very own Pytzek. The underground halls of Masters are sending a call to join them for another one of Deep'n' Delicious nights with Herya & Bronski behind the decks.

Hostel Caffe Time urges you to substitute you caffeinated drinks with something with a little more kick and dance your heart out on the Gabberdom led by the masterful talent of Giovani Grozota, Dark Vortex, Destruction, Evil N-Gin.
DEPO club is shaking with nostalgia and reminiscence on the House of Lost Memories with Mladen Tomić, who will be joined by Iggy and Matko and Cadenza is fusing love, life and music at the Housefusion evening with our burn Resiceny laureate Tom Bug. At the meantime Zagreb's Sirup is stretching your limits as far as the eye can see at the Unedogled. Somewhere over the horizon Mmmeniga, Sergej Snooze and Mate Čeko are waiting.

And as you take a bow and leave Friday in the party and stress exodus history pages you are quickly sucked into the vortex of Saturday
Cadenza awaits with the sole mission to break you into pieces and then put you back together better then they found you with the 4MAT evening led by the man that wrote the rules of Croatian electronic music, Toxic.

DEPO and CET lead you through the History of Techno from 11pm till the dawn, and Sirup glues you to the floor with Dirty Beatz pres. June Miller, supported by Kula, Brat Leeks, Tekitoka and Matz. The cult that is Aquarius club is being taken over by Felver and his Honky Tonk loudness, during which time the Ex Papaya at Šalata will blur the lines between the human flesh and the machine with Machine Funk Party with Xed, Noodle Soup, Axus, Acid Fromm, Dr. N-Gin and Dark Vortex.

Masters is letting you in its deep belly for Sindikat W/FM in the hands of FM, Denis Beifuss and Mate Čeko, while Funk is dancing to Sofistifunk hosted by Bocca and hot sax sounds by Ivan Škvorc. Željezničar, on the other hand, will make you all junkies with its Soundsystem Overdose with Dub and Psy Trance floors while Aquarius wants you to tighten your shoelaces because we are running a Techno Marathon with Christian Cambas (GR), Sthekerson, Shi Pe and Pillsman.

Choose your poison! Come, dance, live and enjoy on the streets of Zagreb!