Aldo Morro: There has been an explosion of creativity on a global scale

Wednesday, 02 September 2015

We’re saying good bye to summer filled with new stories and memories, many of them made on the floor of the Noa beach club with the master of the parade, resident Aldo Morro.

We had a pleasant conversation and Mr. Morro shared the stories of beginnings, residency, the digital era, superheroes... So we leave you with his words. Enjoy!
1, How did you start? How was the love of music born? Which songs did you grow up to?
My beginnings were quite early when I started pounding on anything that would make a sound. They say I started singing before I could talk. The home collection of music had a huge influence on the development of my musical taste, so from  an early age I started rummaging through the records and cassettes of ABBA, Doors, Elvis... But Floyds had a special influence and they are probably the reason that the road led me into the electronic waters.

2. Do you remember your first gig? Where was it and how did you feel?
The first gig I would like to remember as "official" happened at a school dance while I was still in elementary school, where I was playing one tape and rewinding the next one with a magic marker. The young generations have no idea what I'm saying now but it was an amazing party.
3. How much time passed until you caught the Noa residency? What is the thing you pay attention to most? What is your moto?
When it comes to Noa I have been there from the very beginnings,  since this is the youngest club at Zrće and I’m very lucky to be able to do what I love in such a place and in such surroundings.  My moto... Eat, sleep, rave repeat i guess :)

4. What do you think about the current state of the scene and what would be your advice to young people just entering the music world?
We live in a digital world and that greatly influences the music scene. There has been an explosion of creativity and it can be felt in our neck of the woods, although maybe a bit fainter. But it seems to me that every single year more and more audiences are finding what they are looking for which gives the whole clubbing scene a deeper meaning.
5. How would you characterize your sound? What are you looking for in a track?
When it comes to either DJ-ing or production I was never very fond of being genre, tempo or era specific. I have been surrounded by music my whole life and I need to hear a track only once to distinguish weather it has that something to hook me with, weather it is meant to be enjoyed as a part of the set, privately or both.
6. Wild Card Question: If you could switch life with anyone just for a day, alive or dead, real or a fictive character, who would it be and why?
Batman. Because there is not a person out there that hadn't wished to be a masked weirdo with expensive gadgets at least once in their life.