Ame: I found my inspiration in my daily life

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Âme are German duo Kristian Beyer & Frank Wiedemann. Inspired by the music of Stevie Wonder, WestEnd Rec, Transmat, Weather Report and Herbie Hancock they describe they make Detroit-influenced deep house and music with soul.

After a long night of dancing, many night club patrons leave the venue with a certain track stuck in their heads. But for Âme, the DJ/production duo of Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann, the tunes lodged in their brains are the ones they didn't hear, ones not yet written that would fit perfectly in their sets

1. Has fame changed you and do you think that a lot of artists lose something when they make it big?

I think you need to ask that my close friends and family as they are the only ones who can judge that. Naturally it happens to a lot of people that they loose something when they get bigger, but I hope I am not amongst them.

2. Your music is an unusual mix of past and the present? Where do you find your inspiration? Are you a team player or do you work better alone?

I found my inspiration in my daily life by just being an interested and open minded human being. I would see myself as a team player who sometimes likes to play on his own.

3. You and your colleague have partnered up with Dixon to start the Innervision label? What is the main goal behind its creation and what will be its legacy to the party people all over the world?

As nobody really had the same philosophy/vision like us back in the days we just started our own company. We just would like to release timeless clubmusic which is already a high goal and I hope sometimes we pass it:-)

4. You will be performing at the Flow Festival in Ljubljana end of June. It is quite an unusual concept that wishes to raise the bar of what a festival is supposed to be. Do you support the concept that a festival should be organized to incorporate the stories for all of the senses not just ears? What will you prepare for the Flow audience? What can they expect (it’s and industrial urban open space, so it should be somewhat different scenery as most of summer festivals)?

I am a longtime friend of the Flow guys as I played the first three editions in Helsinki in the past. We share similar views and a common taste so it wont be too hard to adjust. On the other hand how could I prepare soemthing for a situation I have never been its gonna be like always more a spontaneous decision.

5. The Flow festival is also specifically oriented on energy efficiency and aims to leave the location in the same condition as they found it. Do you think that an average festivalgoer today has the eco-friendly cultural intelligence or do we need to start to educate the audience also in this direction?

At least in Helsinki I could say that the crowd is definitely more a reflective mixture of our society and at the end the crowd is always a reflection of the personalities behind the festival which makes me think only the best about the flow crowd.

6. We live in an interdisciplinary era in which everything connects and intertwines with everything else, and therefore the festival merged the auditory moment with the visual. How important do you consider the visual presentation to be in the music world and to experience your music in particularly?

There are three main things in clubmusic: light/sound/music plus the crowd and the location...thats all we need!

7. Wild Card Question: "If you had the chance to do it all over again would you change anything?"

I am a very happy person and i would change nothing!